Hoteluxe Diffuseur White Peach & Orange Blossom



Why use room fragrances?

After a long day’s work, nothing makes unwinding easier than an infused room with your favourite sent. Diffusers are the easiest and fastest way to enhance your room with your favourite sent, elevating your mood, and setting the scene either for you or when your entertaining guests.


keep your home fragrant and fresh all day every day with Hoteluxe’s fragrance diffuser. Our 200ml diffuser’s gently release a long-lasting fragrance, creating a beautiful ambiance in any space.


Important Information

  • Warning – Keep out of reach of children
  • Handle with care. Do not ingest. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or poison control centre immediately. If there is contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with clear water. Seek medical help if necessary.
  • Avoid direct contact with wooden surfaces and fabrics. Clear spills and excess dripping immediately.



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